A Brief Look At What The 2022 INFINITI Q50 Has To Offer

March 9th, 2022 by

Compared with all the other sports sedans you can find today, the 2022 INFINITI Q50 doesn’t seem to meet expectations, at least when it comes to its features. It lacks many things, from up-to-date interior styling to a user-friendly touchscreen. Regardless, there are some things the Q50 does right, and it can be what many car lovers might value!

That said, let’s take a look at the 2022 INFINITI Q50 to see what it has to offer:

1. The Performance

The 2022 INFINITI Q50 comes equipped with a 3-Liter V-6 engine. It can generate up to 333 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. With such outstanding performance, the Q50 can go from 0-60 in around 5 seconds. It has a top speed of 130 mph. Apart from that, the 2022 INFINITI Q50 also offers two transmission options: a 7-speed automatic transmission or a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

2. The Interior Design

Inside, the 2022 INFINITI Q50 is designed to be a typical sports sedan. However, it’s not as luxurious as what you’d expect. The interior design could be better. Some features that could’ve been included are a touchscreen or maybe a reclining rear seat. It has a single-tone design, and it’s seating position is a bit lower than what we’re used to.

3. The Exterior Design

If you’re into the older, traditional design, then the 2022 INFINITI Q50 isn’t for you. It’s more modern than its newer siblings, with more ‘aggressive and sportier styling. It’s over-the-top for a sports sedan, with some of the wildest exterior designs we’ve seen so far. It has bigger-than-life wheels, large front intakes, and a lowered ride height.

4. The Safety Features

The 2022 INFINITI Q50 has some of the most advanced safety features. It comes with a new generation of airbags, with many more airbags than you’d expect. It also has a new generation of LATCH connectors, which can accommodate multiple child-restraint systems.

5. The Technology Features

In terms of technology features, the 2022 INFINITI Q50 has some of the best technologies in the market right now. It comes with a much-improved navigation system, a powerful audio system, and some great safety features. It also has a 4-wheel steering feature, which allows better handling on the road.

6. The Price

The 2022 INFINITI Q50 is expected to be released at around $50,000. While this may seem very expensive to some of you, it’s not too different from the current price of the INFINITI Q50, and it is also much more affordable than its more luxurious competitors!


For a car that’s going to be released in 2022, the 2022 INFINITI Q50 is pretty basic. It might not have the most advanced features in the market, although the safety features, along with the advanced technologies, might be enough to allure many car lovers. It’s a comfortable ride, with enough power for it to be a sports sedan and not a luxury one! So, if you’re an INFINITI lover, you’ve got a good car to look forward to!

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