Warning Signs That Your Transmission Needs a Repair

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Everyone thinks that the most valuable part of their car would have to be the transmission. While that statement may hold some truth to it, the point is that they seem to overlook another part that deserves as much attention as the aforementioned component.

The transmission is crucial to our vehicle as it transmits the power from the engine to the wheels, allowing you to drive.

That said, you have the responsibility to care and maintain for it so that it does not die on you during your travels. Below are some warning signs that say your transmission may need a repair.

1. Uneven Acceleration

The first and highly important sign that your transmission needs a repair is poor acceleration. It occurs because of the transmission’s inability to transfer the power to the wheels. It may be due to badly damaged or worn gears which lack efficiency.

2. Slipping

Aside from poor acceleration, there is also the presence of slipping. If sometimes, while accelerating your car, there is no power applied to the wheels, you have a sign that the transmission is going downhill.

3. Inability to Move

The third and most critical sign that your transmission needs a repair is the inability of your vehicle to move. It occurs because of the failure of the transmission to allow the wheels to rotate, leaving you stuck in place.

4. Shuddering or Jerking

If you feel that your car is shuddering or jerking, then you have a sign that points to a problem with the transmission as it is the mechanism that transmits power to the wheels.

5. Intermittent Locking

If you experience an intermittent locking of the wheels when you are driving, then there is a problem with your transmission. The sudden locking is the result of the transmission’s system failure.

You also have to look at the rear brake lights as they may be tied to the problem. If they burn out, then you have a sign that the transmission is faulty.

6. Lack of Power

The presence of a lack of power signals a problem with the transmission’s efficiency. The power is what drives your car forward, and this is why when there is a lack of it, you have a problem with the transmission.

You may need to take your car to the shop or check yourself and see if the problem lies with the transmission or the engine.

7. Short Shifts

Short shifting is a sign that your car is experiencing a transmission problem. It means that one or more of the gears are failing. If you keep experiencing short shifting, take your car to a trusted mechanic, as it is a sign that the gears will break soon.

8. Overheating

Another sign that your transmission needs a repair is that you feel that your car is too hot. The cause is the breakdown of the transmission. You may think that the problem is with the cooling system of your car, but the truth is that it is the transmission that is heating up.


If you love your car, you would want to keep it safe and sound. This is why you should be on the lookout for the signs that your transmission needs a repair. To prevent the breakdown of your transmission, you have to have it checked regularly. Do not hesitate to have it checked at the very first sign of trouble.

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