Sounds That Mean It Is Time For Maintenance

July 12th, 2022 by

Inside an INFINITI, you treat yourself to a whole world of beautiful sounds, from the roar of the engine down to the ticking of the turn signal. Unfortunately, there could be sounds that aren’t supposed to be there, let alone be heard. These sounds, from squeals to even loud bangs, can point to the fact that your INFINITI vehicle needs to be checked as soon as possible, along with regular maintenance!

So, if you’re here today wondering what sounds are there that can indicate a problem with your vehicle, here are a couple of common ones:

1. Squeals When You Brake

Braking is one of the biggest causes of brake pad wear and squealing. Often, it’s just a result of wearing pads and nothing to worry about, but it could signify that something is wrong with your vehicle, such as low brake fluid or a sensor that has gone bad.

2. A Grinding Sound When You Shift

If you hear grinding when you shift gears, it may mean that your vehicle is wearing one of the transmission bands. The good news is that it may not be too expensive to fix. However, you need to get it fixed regardless. The more you delay the repair, the more expensive the fix will be, and the more risk you will put on your car and yourself for an accident to occur.

3. Banging When You Turn

This is a very dangerous sound and could indicate that something is wrong with your suspension or sway bar. If you hear it, you should stop taking your vehicle on the road immediately and call a trusted INFINITI service center.

4. Ticking from under the Hood

When you hear a ticking noise under your hood, it could be an indicator that your engine is leaking oil. What does an oil leak result in? Well, when your engine doesn’t have oil to run, your engine could seize suddenly, and you could cause serious damage to your car. So, get it addressed as soon as you can.

5. Screeching from the Engine

If you hear a screeching noise coming from your engine, it can be a sign that you have a bad belt. The sound is telling you that the belt is reaching the end of its lifespan, that it has become slippery, damaged, and worn out. So, be sure to get this belt replaced because your engine’s belt is vital in delivering power to the rest of your vehicle!

6. Rattling from under the Hood

The rattle sound could be coming from your engine, which could indicate a more serious problem. However, it could just be your normal engine noise. So, if you hear it, you’ll need to get it looked into just in case.


Several other sounds can indicate that something is seriously wrong with your vehicle. However, if you hear any sounds that are out of the ordinary, make sure to bring your vehicle to your INFINITI service center right away. It is better to be safe than sorry, and more often than not, the sound is the first thing that gives away a hidden problem!

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