Signs Your INFINITI Alternator Needs Replacement or Repair

April 19th, 2022 by

If you’ve heard the phrase “alternator,” you’re probably aware that it’s an important component of your vehicle. But what exactly is the purpose of an alternator? Simply put, your alternator charges your car battery, allowing you to start the car and use automotive accessories such as the headlights and radio. If your INFINITI vehicle’s alternator fails, you may discover that it won’t start or stay on. However, you will most likely notice one or more of these signs of a failing INFINITI alternator before that happens. If you notice any of the below-mentioned signs, it’s crucial to have your INFINITI checked at your nearest service shop.

Battery Warning Light

When the battery warning light lights on the dashboard, it is sometimes misinterpreted as a problem with the battery itself. On the other hand, the battery warning light indicates a problem with your vehicle’s whole electrical system, including the alternator.

Accessories that are Slow or Stopped Working

If your INFINITI accessories work, but slow down or stop working for no apparent reason, your alternator may be failing. Typically, when the voltage level of your battery is low, the alternator will not be able to maintain a sufficient supply of electricity, which will cause the battery to lose charge.

Dead battery

A dead battery is sometimes just a dead battery – it’s reached the end of its life after a few years of use — or you may have mistakenly kept the headlights on all night. On the other hand, a dead battery might indicate that your alternator isn’t working properly.

A faulty alternator will not charge the battery adequately while the engine is operating, causing the charge to decrease quicker than usual. Jumpstarting the automobile is one approach to see if the battery or the alternator is the problem. If you jumpstart your automobile and it continues to run, your battery may need to be replaced shortly. If you jumpstart the car and it dies soon after, it might be because your alternator isn’t delivering enough power to the battery.

Burning odour

A nasty stench of burning rubber or wires might signal that your alternator’s parts are beginning to wear out. Because the alternator’s drive belt is constantly under stress and friction — and because it is so near to the hot engine — it may wear down and generate an unpleasant burning rubber odour over time.

Similarly, if your alternator is overworked or has frayed or broken wires, you may notice a burning stench similar to that of an electrical fire. An overworked alternator attempts to pump too much current through its wires, causing them to overheat and become dangerously hot. Damaged wires can generate resistance to the passage of electricity, causing them to heat up and exude an unpleasant stench.

Growling or whining noises

Cars generate a variety of strange noises, some of which are innocuous while others might signify major mechanical problems. If you ever hear growling or whining noises coming from under the hood, you may have alternator problems that should be addressed by a professional as soon as possible.

When the belt that rotates the alternator’s pulley gets misaligned or scrapes against the side of the pulley, it produces a growling or whining sound. This sound may also be heard if the bearings that spin the rotor shaft are failing.


It is clear that the alternator is an important component of your INFINITI. It is crucial that you get it inspected and repaired as soon as possible if you notice that anything is wrong with it.

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