7 Care Tips for Your Car: A Springtime Checklist

May 11th, 2022 by

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Getting ahead of your car care is crucial if you want to maintain your vehicle. As winter is coming to a close, perhaps it’s time to get your vehicle ready for spring travel.

You can begin by making certain that all factory-recommended maintenance is current. Check your mileage, then have the service scheduled. You may even require an oil change. Moreover, through maintenance, you can detect and address any current issues, such as trouble starting, harsh running, stalling, or uneven tire wear. If your “check engine” light is illuminated, you should contact our service center. After all, nobody likes surprises. 

Read on to discover these seven care tips for your car before the springtime.

Car Care Tip #1: Infuse Water into the Cooling System

Cooling system issues can be costly and necessitate extensive engine repairs. Monitoring your coolant’s level, quality, and concentration (freeze protection) is critical for engine longevity and performance. As always, follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and service the system as needed.

Car Care Tip #2: Examine the Tires

If you have all-season tires, early spring is an excellent time to replace them with three-season tires. Check your tires and wheels for wear and tear today, and don’t forget the spare. Severe tread damage, such as tread cuts or sidewall bulges, necessitates rapid care. Examine the tread to check that it is evenly worn and that it is at a safe depth. For the correct pressure setting, refer to your owner’s manual.

Car Care Tip #3: Have Your Belts and Hoses Repaired

A serpentine belt propels each of these systems forward. It’s all that stands between us and nowhere. If the serpentine belt cracks, it must be replaced. Despite the fact that hoses are relatively inert, years of heating and cooling can wear them down. Hoses, like belts, usually work until they fail. Hoses that are too old bulge and appear worn around the fittings. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, our specialists can help.

Car Care Tip #4: Have Your Air Conditioner Repaired

While its primary role is to improve the comfort of the car, it also poses a safety risk. The air conditioner is engaged when you defog your windshield to remove moisture from the cabin air. The temperature changes and rainy weather of spring create ideal conditions for window fogging, raising the risk of an accident. Ascertain that the system is fully charged and that there are no leaks.

Car Care Tip #5: Examine All of the Lights 

It is just as important to be seen as it is to be seen. To summarize, turn on the lights and look at the blinkers. To check the brake lights, the assistant steps on the brakes. If you need assistance replacing a bulb, bring your car to our service department.

Car Care Tip #6: Get an Oil Change

Winter is very harsh on engine oil. Low temperatures inhibit the warming process of the engine, resulting in more condensation and acid accumulation in the oil. Get rid of the old and start fresh in the spring.

Car Care Tip #7: Replace the Wiper Blades

Winter is especially tough on wipers. The tiny cost of wiper blades is well worth investing in as not to encounter issues during spring.


Following these simple car care tips can ensure a trouble-free driving season. Simply get in touch with your trusted service team and inquire about current specials or coupons for comprehensive spring service. Furthermore, make sure only experts assist you with your vehicle. This way, you can ask for professional advice and suggestions on how to keep it in top shape all year round.

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